Transfiguration I A documentation of cross-species communication using plant biofeedback and audiovisual processing software

Time (is) A risograph printed animation investigating automation, simulation, and repetition.

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Perception A motion design project exploring the concept of perception through various animation techniques.

Sensoria VR Worldbuilding explorations

Sand Canyon 16mm film documenting the aftermath of the 2016 Sand Canyon fire through devices of distortion, including a handmade camera obscura and refractive lenses.

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Distant Dreams Part 2 A short visual music film of Throbbing Gristle's "Distant Dreams (Part Two)"

2018 CalArts EXPO A promotional video for the Digital Arts EXPO at California Institute of the Arts, an immersive showcase of art, film, theatre, dance, and critical studies.

Animation: Lisa Armstrong
Design: Lisa Armstrong & Junki Hong
Music: Chandeliers