Lisa Glenn Armstrong is a multidisciplinary designer currently based in Chicago.

She received her MFA in Motion Graphic Design from California Institute of the Arts in 2018 and her BFA in Graphic Design from DePaul University in 2012. She currently teaches at DePaul University.



Left: Landscape Plus. Detail of a 22" x 28" silkscreen poster for a screening of Laida Lertxundi: Landscape Plus, a 16mm film by LA-based filmmaker, Laida Lertxundi at the Roy and Edna Disney Theater. Right: Metafilm. Detail of a 22" x 28" silkscreen poster for the Festival of Metaphysical Cinema


The Zeta Reticuli Incident. A risograph artist book about an alleged UFO abduction in 1960.

Rattlesnake Bells in the Desert. Catalog design for the CalArts 2018 post-graduate art exhibition, featuring work by 32 different artists.

rattlesnake-banner-02 copy.jpg

Rattlesnake Bells in the Desert. Promotional graphics for a group exhibition of work by CalArts Art MFA students.


Submissions poster for the Digital Arts EXPO at CalArts, a showcase of art, music, theater, dance, and critical studies. Designed in collaboration with Junki Hong.


Promotional animated video for the Digital Arts EXPO.


Transfiguration I. A short film exploring cross-species communication using biofeedback from plant matter and audiovisual processing software.


Sensoria live performance with Julianna Bach.

Sleeping Village risograph show posters for a performance with Chicago-based bands Chandeliers, In Tall Buildings, and Moritat at Sleeping Village 01.25.19


Top: Reframing the House of Dust. 22" 28" silkscreen poster for Reframing the House of Dust: A Symposium at the Roy and Edna Disney CalArts theater event. Left: Sussman & Prejza. Poster for the CalArts Visiting Designer Lecture Series with LA-based design firm Sussman & Prejza. Right: Hank Willis Thomas. Silkscreen poster for Hank Willis Thomas's talk at CalArts. Designed with Kathy Bates.

Graduate Practice. Exhibition identity designed in collaboration with Junki Hong, Anther Kiley, and Kathy Bates.

LA-04-photocred-KB copy.jpg

Design, Bitches. Animated GIF and series of risograph posters for the CalArts Visiting Design Lecture Series with Design, Bitches. Designed in collaboration with Kathy Bates.


Design, Bitches. Silkscreen poster for the CalArts Visiting Design Lecture Series with Design, Bitches. Designed in collaboration with Kathy Bates.


Johanna Went. Silkscreen poster for a talk with punk musician and performance artist, Johanna Went. Part of the Paul Brach Visiting Artist Lecture Series at CalArts.

I’ll convince you that I don’t need to convince you. Silkscreen poster for an art exhibition of work by LA-based artist, Jinseok Choi.


VR worldbuilding explorations

Artwork for Dearly Departure’s Frontier EP.